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Magic Mushroom Street- Alicante, Spain Adventure

Todays adventure is in the Port of Alicante, Spain. Alicante is a port city on Spain’s southeastern Coast Blanca, and the capital of the Alicante Province. Its old town, Barrio de la Santa Cruz, has narrow streets, colored houses, and a nightlife scene. While exploring I felt this city had a more hip modern sense about it. The points of interest I would suggest are a stroll along the gorgeous tile pathway of Esplanade de Espana, to see this charming town., with a breeze from the sea and palm trees lined along the marina. As most people are not in a rush here it is nice to stop at a cafe or a lovely area for some shopping at Rambla de Mendez Nunez. Or if you prefer to be a bit more tourist make a stop at Santa Barbara Castle. I personally enjoyed walking around the city exploring the public work of interesting art and sculptures. (Examples The Diviner and Giant Mushrooms, there are quite a few other unique ones to see.) Please be sure to check out my video of my adventures in Alicante.

Calle De Las Setas

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